What to Look for When Hiring a Stamped Concrete Contractor 

Nowadays, the trending fashion for design and style outside of the house such as driveways, pool decks or even patios are definitely stamped concrete. If you’re looking for an easy way to glam up your property at a budget then stamped concrete is definitely the way to go. This is a decorative renovation option that is a lot cheaper than other hardscaping materials.  

What to Look for When Hiring a Stamped Concrete Contractor 

Stamped concrete contractors are done with special tools. The task is to evenly pour the concrete and while it not yet totally dried out, it’s stamped with the designated design. Decorative or Stamped Concrete needs to be done by professionals since there are a lot of factors that may be minimal but could go wrong if this will be left with a person who doesn’t know how stamped concrete is done properly.  

The color may be uneven, there’s a possibility for minor cracking and the texture may be different as well. These factors are expected even though it’s done by a professional but if you leave it with a newbie, there are possibilities of large cracks, deep areas that could turn into small puddles when raining, uneven coloring and texture is rough. 


Here’s a couple of things to check into before you hire a Stamped Concrete Contractor in Roseville, California: 


  1. Service is specific for decorative / stamped concrete 

When hiring a stamped concrete contractor, make sure that their area of specialty is stamped concrete. Or if they do offer multiple services, ask if their contractors for this specific area the level of expertise is highly skilled with stamped concrete. If you choose wisely, everything should be smooth from here on out, but you do have to check on other things as well.  

  1. Get referrals and references from other people 

If you have friends who have stamped concrete on their driveways or other areas of the house, it would be best to ask them who they hired especially if you really like the feel to it. This not only gives you a chance to score good with the contractor since you already experienced first-hand the feel and looks of their work, being referred by a friend can get you a good discount.  

  1. Check the portfolio and credentials of the service provider 

If you got it via referral or just found a random ad, never settle if you still haven’t seen their portfolio. Decorative concrete contractors should have a portfolio of the decorative stamps they have and a sample photo of their finished works. 

  1. Share your ideas about the design  

Once you have chosen a contractor, before you make a down payment, make sure that they can do the design or idea you had in mind. If they can do it, good. If not, keep searching! 

  1. Double check the materials they use 

The materials they are going to use should conform to the design and material that would best suit the atmosphere of your house. And since they are professionals, they should also have extensive special equipment that is specific for decorative concrete. 


If all of these checks out, then you’re good to go! Enjoy your new stamped concrete after a few weeks! If you’re located in Roseville, California, be sure to check them out for their products and services.  

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